'HATERS' 5-song  cassette tape on Comfortable On A Tightrope
Edition of 100 with individual hand-painted covers by Laetitia Glenton

1. Yesterday
2. All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away
3. #8
4. Anyway
5. Palindrones

'WAITERS' 3 song cd on BIJIN record
Available HERE
Artwork by Jess Higgins

1. Yesterday
2. All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away
3. Anyway

Our Song 'Pretty Knife' appears on the 'MUSEUMS' compilation tape.

Split 7" with Former Bullies on Comfortable On A Tightrope
Available HERE 
Artwork by Kate Hall

Tracklist (waiters side):
1. Breezy
2. Pretty Knife
Tracklist (Former Bullies side)
1. Golden Road
2. Terrible Sight

'Till The World Improves' 5 song cd on BIJIN Record
Available HERE 
Artwork by Laetitia Glenton

1. Blackstuff
2. Foreshore
3. Tomorrowland
4. Why Does Everything Take So Long?
5. Know Everything

 Tomorrowland (split 7" with Nisennenmondai) on Comfortable on a Tightrope

Available HERE
Waiters Artwork by Laetitia Glenton, Lettering by Lucy Jones
Nisennenmondai Artwork by Yuri Zaikawa

A: Nisennenmondai - Soundtrack 4 for Nobetsumakunashi
B. WAITERS - Tomorrowland

A1: Something Else
A2: I Tried (Dead Moon)
B1: Irma Vep - Cranberry Juice
B2: Irma Vep - Golden Apples (Country Teasers)

Edition of 50 available here
Artwork by Laetitia Glenton

 Split 12" with SEX HANDS, PAWS, DOLFINZ
on Song, By Toad Records

Side A:
01. Gay Marriage by Sex Hands
02. Kill a Familiar by Paws
03. Jennifer Finch by Dolfinz
04. So-So by Waiters
05. Clementine by Paws
06. The One Where the Stripper Cries by Sex Hands (2.34)
07. Kitsch Craft by Dolfinz
Side B:
08. Vacillate Wildly by Waiters
09. Chair (Big Deal cover) by Paws
10. Chandler in a Box by Sex Hands
11. Lacquer by Waiters
12. Teenage Bloom by Dolfinz
13. Cherry Blossom by Paws

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